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The definition of sport is, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. There is a fine line when considering whether or not something should be considered a game or sport. Poker falls right into that category.

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Should Poker be Considered a Sport?. I can see the argument being made for poker being a sport. Yes, you have to be on your toes and really use your head to win.

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When someone that is 550 pounds has the ability to be successful at this game you know it is not a sport because that person could not participate if it was.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Is chess a sport? Add a New Topic; Add. At the same time, for something to be considered a sport,. Why not poker, contact bridge, backgammon and mahhong?.Should poker be an Olympic sport?. "It was being considered for the potential for it to be tested at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio as a side event,.

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All over the world the game has been faced with governmental controls and other obstacles.

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Think about this Poker is Considered a sport https:. Big Ron @So_Far_Ron. One of the key terms when defining sports is physical exertion.A sporting chance: Could pole dancing & poker be in. “Pole Sports is a performance sport combining dance. and more importantly to be considered for...

I Dont think Poker is a Sport just like i dont thnik chess is a sport, I considered them Highly Skilled Games.

Poker is great and it is alot of fun and a great way to make some FAST cash (and lose it to) but it is not a sport.With millions at stake in the game of cards, poker sports videos are the latest craze as people try to learn a trick or two to play and win millions of dollars.Is Poker a Sport? Oliver Jones. The same can be said for darts and poker which are considered sports and require some level of skill for a player to win a competition.You have water sports, water skying, fishing, swimming, some needing physical over mentally, but still a sport.

Ten Reasons why Chess is a Sport. September 13, 2015 Chess and Society John Foley. by. sex, repairing the car, etc, none of which is considered a sport.why is poker considered a sport? Posted: 4/30/2009 1:04:09 PM: A sport is an open contest of physical exertion plus gaming strategy, in which the winner is not predetermined. Lots of things could be considered a sport. Chess is a sport. Professional wrestling is an exhibition. Poker is a sport, a circus act is entertainment.Best Answer: It takes a lot of muscle strength to keep a poker face throughout the game. Because I Sweat So Much !! When Do The Playing of The Poker.What are the implications for the old debate about whether poker is a game of skill or luck? Close. A s a spectator sport, poker traditionally isn’t the most.

Golf is 100% a sport, poker is more of a hobby but it does take some stuff to play 15 tables several hours a day.Sorry Poker fans, most people say "not a sport.". This chart will help you answer 'Is it. Ultimate Frisbee is considered more of a sport than six.The true sports include bull fighting, auto racing and mountain climbing.

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Why is poker considered a sport?. it's a sport. If you're playing poker 8 hours a day against pros for the chance to play for $100,000 on ESPN at midnight.PlayNow Sports is in the Holiday spirit and to show our gratitude to. We provide general support daily from 9am to 2am CT and poker support 24/7. 1-877-706-6789.Is Chess a Sport ? Share. (along with those in other pursuits like poker). it is certainly similar to some other activities that are generally considered sports.

03282 Poker Players and their Pro Wrestling Counterparts;. venues for their sport. the history of live poker. Selbst is a virtual lock for the Hall of.The International Poker Federation, headed by author and poker enthusiast Anthony Holden, was the one taking care of the process of recognition.

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One question debated through the years has been: Is bowling a sport or a game? Although a variety of opinions have been expressed, it is likely considered to be both.Millions of people play poker, and now they watch it on TV too -- but can you call it a sport?.

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Sport Bloggers on Poker and Sport. 13 October 2009, By:. Do you think that poker should be considered a sport? I don't consider it a sport, but others do.

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